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Hollywood Report: Looking At Bill Cosby?s Behavior, Many Years Later - Fontana Herald News: Entertainment

We can no longer make harmless kim kardashian new pics jokes at other people's expense without the possibility of dire consequences. It seems difficult to accept Mr. Cosby's innocence in view of the fact that the man he built into a legacy of decency would be outraged by the accusations levied at him, and speak out against them. Unfortunately, in this case, his personal silence says volumes. "Star Wars" fans are worried now that Disney is in charge of George Lucas' brainchild. (source) He will not have any input into the $200 million film "Star Wars: The more Force Awakens," out Dec. 18. What they do have at Disney is J.J.
Source: http://www.fontanaheraldnews.com/entertainment/article_f2137240-b222-11e4-b146-2bee9773468a.html

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